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Misultin Store has long been traditionally specialized in the processing ,

production and market distribution of this typical specialty .

Processing missoltino , in the local dialect : " misultit "

is subject to a historical tradition and has been handed down from father to son .

So was taken and safeguarded by misultin Store,
which while maintaining the working strictly artisan ,

has made a product available to everyone .

An eye to tradition , the other to the technology that allows you to control all health standards in order
to offer the market a product at most of its characteristics, quality and above all Health and safety .

To ensure this, you misultin Store has all the latest equipment for each stage of processing and
a system of self-certification of HACCP standards of hygiene .The shad (Alosa fallax lacustris)
belongs to the genre of the shad and the family of Clupeidae,

in which is a close relative of the herring. Fishing dell'agone is traditionally regulated
(since the Middle Ages) and takes place in the months of June and July, with different techniques
(network, rocker, lures).

To become missoltino, the agon undergoes a complex process:
the fish are their entrails (the Curada), rubbed with salt and after a possible cut back,
are placed in a pot, even with salt, if turned every 12 hours.

The amount of salt is critical for subsequent processing.
After a couple of days, are rinsed and skewered in a string, so that they can be dried in the open air.
The drying proceeds for a few days, then the fish are placed in a can (misolta, originally of wood), along with bay leaves.

The milk are cover and the cover (wood) exerts a slight pressure, modulated by the superimposition of several milk and from stones.

The pressing proceeds for a couple of eliminating the spilled oil.

This process is exclusively handmade.